Hello my name is Ali and I am the Author of Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn.

This special book offers an important age-old message to the little people of the world to “Be Yourself”. My hope is this message and the beautiful illustrations will resonate with you and allow you to share learnings and light with your little people in a fun approachable way.

This book was inspired by my own journey:

Ali was only in school for a few short months before she realised she didn’t fit in. As in, not even a little bit. She felt completely alone, isolated and miserable because she was teased for being “different” to everyone else.

In those younger days, Ali’s mum shared some valuable advice “Darling, being different is what makes you special – be brave enough to show everyone how special you are!” Ali followed that advice and realised that her qualities (her shiny sparkly ingredients) and the things she valued is why people would love her and appreciate her, and most importantly why she could love herself.

Those tough primary school years shaped the person I am today and filled me with a resilience, grit and drive to empower others. It is at the heart of everything I do and the reason I created the ALI-VE Women’s Circle, an online community of women all over the world looking to connect, support and uplift one another. Being your best self and embracing the unique parts of you that make you special; is a message for the young, old and the young at heart. From this space Ali the Shiny Sparkly Unicorn was born.

I am committed to empowering the lives of thousands of little people, by sharing this special book and starting the conversation about being BRAVE, BOLD, KIND and most importantly being YOURSELF.

My hope is that you are able to create purely precious moments with your little people exploring this book’s message and opening their mind to the ultimate truth.

Shiny sparkly love